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No-Show Policy for Doctoral Research Conference

Beginning with the Doctoral Research Conference in spring 2017, the following policy will take effect for students who do not attend or participate in the conference. 

Attendance and participation in the annual Doctoral Research Conference is a mandatory requirement and milestone activity within the EdD Program in Leadership & Innovation. From both faculty and student perspectives, the merits and values placed on this conference are at the cornerstone of our program — evidenced in the opportunity to present ongoing research, receive meaningful feedback and network with colleagues. Each student will be held accountable for her or his participation in the DRC. 

For students who do not attend or participate in the virtual DRC, additional work will be assigned, with completion required to maintain active status in the program. The nature of this supplemental work is not punitive, but ensures fairness by requiring students who fail to participate in the conference to engage in comparable activities.

For any EdD student who does not attend and participate in the DRC — regardless of the reason — all of the following will be required:

  • View two of the recorded concurrent presentation sessions (roughly 75 – 90 minutes each).
  • Write one page of informative and constructive feedback for five of the presentations in each session [a total of 10 pages of feedback on 10 presentations].
  • Send feedback to the director of the EdD Program, Dr. Josephine Marsh.
  • Feedback is due within two weeks of the DRC.

Non-compliance with these requirements for any student who does not participate in the DRC will result in an automatic and non-negotiable registration hold being placed on his or her university account. Participation is essential and expected — we believe it is critical to student success in the program.